Needs: 2+ players, handful of coins

Credit due to: Monsterhearts 2 and Dream Askew by Avery Alder, SYNC by Kira Magrann, Dead Friend by Lucian Kahn and Hearts of Wulin by Lowell Francis

Form triangular entanglement among your character, a side character and another player character:

  • I made a promise to give [a treasured object] to aid [a rival/troublemaker/fool].
  • Me and [friend/coworker] were both hired by [boss] who turned on us.
  • I was promised a position but they want [friend/sibling/rival/enemy] instead.
  • I love [object of affection], but my [family/friends/community] has forbidden it.
  • I suspect [a person] of malintent, but [someone I respect/love] believes in them.
  • [friendly person] doesn’t understand me or my culture. I will show them [place] to help them understand.
  • [Two people] think they are related to you.
  • [a person] knows where you come from, they’ve told [friend] who doesn’t believe them.
  • You’ve been taking social cues from [friend]. They are too into [person] to notice.


A. Pull a tarot spread to define your character. Name them and write 3 – 4 words to describe their persona, choose a Earth/Void and Space/Void ritual to match each.


Ritual of Earth (take a coin)

  • trigger a memory of past trauma
  • headlessly pursue an obsession
  • start an argument with a friend
  • show that someone isn’t actually in your community
  • tell a friend why you don’t belong in their world
  • tell someone close a damaging untrue secret about yourself
  • make eye contact with someone for more than a moment
  • get caught lying or cheating
  • reveal a secret vulnerability to someone
  • embody rumors about you
  • narrate what you’ve lost forever

Ritual of Void (free action)

  • reassure a friend about an insecurity
  • hide something small but meaningful on your body
  • deal with routine, uneventful events
  • run away
  • cave to a person’s desires
  • fix something badly
  • care of someone
  • make an example of someone
  • screw up

Ritual of Space (spend a token)

  • you’re so sensitive you learn where someone else is sensitive
  • shut someone down
  • bring supplies no one knew you had
  • call in a timely favor
  • discover a hidden/covered up injustice
  • outsiders see this situation as normal
  • convince others that what happened to someone else actually happened to you
  • make someone feel beautiful
  • narrate “What do I have that you need?”

B. Define a setting with three things in conflict.

C. When your character’s persona changes, change those rituals. When someone finds your character’s true nature loose a ritual.