We’ve been playing Pigsmoke all month! Thoughts and feeling to come~

Pigsmoke is a powered by the apocalypse system game about being the faculty in America’s foremost college of magic.


Breakfast Cult
Attending Gauntlet Hangouts

It is a Fate Accelerated game about mystery, anime-style cosmic horror, and high school drama. You play students at the world’s best occult school as they solve mysteries, uncover the terrible secrets of the Ancient Ones, and try to find which of their classmates is conspiring against them before it’s too late!

Edit: We ended up playing a Breakfast Cult story using another game called Spindlewheel

Here is the recording!

Needs: 2+ players, handful of coins

Credit due to: Monsterhearts 2 and Dream Askew by Avery Alder, SYNC by Kira Magrann, Dead Friend by Lucian Kahn and Hearts of Wulin by Lowell Francis

Form triangular entanglement among your character, a side character and another player character:

  • I made a promise to give [a treasured object] to aid [a rival/troublemaker/fool].
  • Me and [friend/coworker] were both hired by [boss] who turned on us.
  • I was promised a position but they want [friend/sibling/rival/enemy] instead.
  • I love [object of affection], but my [family/friends/community] has forbidden it.
  • I suspect [a person] of malintent, but [someone I respect/love] believes in them.
  • [friendly person] doesn’t understand me or my culture. I will show them [place] to help them understand.
  • [Two people] think they are related to you.
  • [a person] knows where you come from, they’ve told [friend] who doesn’t believe them.
  • You’ve been taking social cues from [friend]. They are too into [person] to notice.


A. Pull a tarot spread to define your character. Name them and write 3 – 4 words to describe their persona, choose a Earth/Void and Space/Void ritual to match each.


Ritual of Earth (take a coin)

  • trigger a memory of past trauma
  • headlessly pursue an obsession
  • start an argument with a friend
  • show that someone isn’t actually in your community
  • tell a friend why you don’t belong in their world
  • tell someone close a damaging untrue secret about yourself
  • make eye contact with someone for more than a moment
  • get caught lying or cheating
  • reveal a secret vulnerability to someone
  • embody rumors about you
  • narrate what you’ve lost forever

Ritual of Void (free action)

  • reassure a friend about an insecurity
  • hide something small but meaningful on your body
  • deal with routine, uneventful events
  • run away
  • cave to a person’s desires
  • fix something badly
  • care of someone
  • make an example of someone
  • screw up

Ritual of Space (spend a token)

  • you’re so sensitive you learn where someone else is sensitive
  • shut someone down
  • bring supplies no one knew you had
  • call in a timely favor
  • discover a hidden/covered up injustice
  • outsiders see this situation as normal
  • convince others that what happened to someone else actually happened to you
  • make someone feel beautiful
  • narrate “What do I have that you need?”

B. Define a setting with three things in conflict.

C. When your character’s persona changes, change those rituals. When someone finds your character’s true nature loose a ritual.

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson by G. Willow WilsonG. Willow Wilson (goodreads.com)

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 has 70,376 ratings and 4,945 reviews. Kat said: Really enjoyed this! I especially loved how relatable Kamala was, and that she wasn’t …

We met and talked about Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal. At the meeting I got some recommendations of cool comics to check out so I’m putting them here.

  • Fresh Romance
  • Tail and Trouble
  • Little Nemo in Slumberland
  • Wonder Woman Year One
  • What Did you Eat Yesterday (yaoi)
  • The Wicked + the Divine
  • Wonderwoman: Superhero for all seasons

Orccon 2018: Friday – getting there, game of Thrown dice, bedlam hall, ten candles by Tomer Gurantz (Super November Games)

Getting there Getting to the West side involved following a pleasant dotted line across the city which included: A few hours working at Tomo Coffee; Hanging out with Howie and Lisa and 1-year old Bei and grandma Kathy, with lots of slam dunks and delicious fish soup; Missing beers with con friends b…